About Us


My name is  Aliou  NDIAYE, I am a Senegalese citizen. My first migration experience out of West Africa was in 2004. I stayed in Morroco for 10 days as part of my work in journalism. That is the first time for me to be connected with a different people. It was an experience of meeting the others by differentiation of racial typology and language.

Religious elements quickly established itself as a system of intercultural connection between the Moroccans and me through objects like slippers, prayer mats, architecture of the mosques, food, etc. Also in Switzerland, France and Belgium where I travel, I bring my prayer mats.



I’m Arnie Gem MORADA, and since I was a child, I have been travelling with my family around my home country, the Philippines, and its neighboring countries in Asia. But only in 2013, at the age of 20, had I the opportunity to live abroad alone. During my ten-month exchange program in Nice, France, I particularly gained interest in the construction of migrant identities through personal encounters with Filipino immigrants. There, I saw and lived moments that bring Filipinos closer together, experiences filled with passion for warm hospitality and love for food.

Cooking both as my favorite hobby and a human necessity for survival, I decided to bring with me local Filipino ingredients that simply remind me of the taste of home away from home.



Born in a crowded colorful city in the heart of Mexico, I’m Merari PICAZO, a passionate culture lover who enjoys little simple things of life. I studied Tourism Management in Mexico and Cultural Heritage in Spain, both related topics to my biggest passions; meeting new people and discovering the World.

I’m a Christian Catholic, but I’d rather say that the religion I prefer the most, is the willingness of people to take care of others. I brought with me my crucifix because it is a gift of my brother and it is always next to my heart, where I keep the most valuable things in life for me: my faith, my family values and my daily personal commitment to be a better human-being.



My name is Michelle HANGGI, and I started travelling about as soon as I started walking. I’m a citizen of the United States who grew up between Cameroon and Texas, and now is studying in Europe, which has truly given me a sense of being as connected to the world as I am to any individual country. I am intensely curious and interested in all kinds of knowledge which caused me to study Science, Theater, French, and now, Sociology & Anthropology, in an effort to better understand the world, and the people, around me.

No matter where I go, I bring my coffee mug which was made in Cameroon, as I find the comfort of “home” in the simple act of using the same mug every morning, no matter where I am or who I’m with.